Design Tools

Design Tools

We are developing a suite of design tools intended to work together to give a picture of how a designed robot will perform, as well as interact with the world.


We have developed popupCAD, a purpose-built new CAD system for working with layered geometries. PopupCAD has the following features:

  • a sketching tool which allows you to draw basic shapes, specify dimensions and constraints, draw text, and import dxf geometry
  • a design tree which allows you to create laminate shapes from sketches, existing imported laminate designs, etc, and then use and reuse them in a logical way to create all the geometries necessary to manufacture your device.
  • a variety of basic operations which give popupCAD to apply constructive solid geometry operations, morphological operations

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Soft Design Tool

This tool has been developed to make it possible to understand the deformation of soft structures during the design process.

Laminate Scripting Language

This scripting package has been developed to make coding laminate structures possible without a GUI. With similar computational capabilties to popupCAD, this scripting tool permits one to use the Python programming language directly to more efficiently represent the mathematical operations of laminate design.