We seek to ask several questions:

  • What new problems could be solved with a $20 robot?
  • Wow can we facilitate mass-customization of robots through new digital fabrication techniques?

To solve those problems we have outfitted our lab with (and have access to) a variety of tools which can help produce low-cost, yet highly functional robots.

Cutting Processes

  • Shapeoko 3
  • Vinyl Cutter
  • CO2/Fiber Laser Cutter (arriving Fall 2016)


  • 24” Roll Laminator
  • T-shirt Press()
  • Impulse Sealer(for sealing fabric, setting adhesives)
  • Small craft irons for small jobs

3D Printing

  • Makergear M2
  • Objet Connex 350*
  • Many other (FDM)3D Printers*


  • Shape Deposition Manufacturing capabilities(arriving winter 2016)

*available in the Startup Lab