Design Tools

We are reimagining how to make robots


popupCAD is a design tool which makes it incredibly easy to develop multi-material, origami-inspired laminate devices.

Robotic Applications

Only through the design and fabrication of application-driven devices can we understand the complex set of interactions which is the design process. We have experience building a variety of robotic devices

The Stanford/Meka/SRI underactuated hand

The Flying Monkey


We seek to tighten the design experience by embedding various analysis tools directly into the design process. Here is a summary of some of our past and current work in the area.

We use simulation to improve our understanding of how the design of complex systems – such as underactuated robotic hands – can be improved. These systems bend, flex, and deform in uncontrollable ways; only by characterizing their freedom and flexibility can we create smarter, more robust designs.

Due to the soft, informal nature of many of the devices we build, we must also understand how the parts of our device will bend and flex during use. We seek to embed that knowledge directly in the design tools we develop. Tools like FEA and dynamic analysis must be treated as part of that solution throughout the design and prototyping phases.