AIM 20201 Video
Voxel-Based CAD Framework for Planning Multi-Step Rapid Fabrication Processes - IDETC-CIE 2019
Automated Generation of Multi-Material Structures Using the VoxelFuse Framework - SCF20
Heterogeneous Hydrogel Structures with Spatiotemporal Reconfigurability using Addressable and Tunable Voxels
IROS 2020 Presentation Video
Dynamic Modeling of a Hydrogel-based Continuum Robotic Arm with Experimental Validation
C-Turtle Robot
Increasing the Life Span of Foldable Manipulators With Fabric
An Integrated Design and Simulation Environment for Rapid Prototyping of Laminate Robotics Mechanisms
The Flying Monkey
Two Years of Informal Robotics
Harvard Informal Robotics
The Stanford/SRI/Meka Underactuated Hand